You took my heart away You took my heart away Staring at the moon so blue 凝視著明月 Turning all my thoughts to you 滿腦子想的是結婚你I was without hopes or dreams 我失去了希望,沒有了夢想I tried to dull an inner scream 我試著壓抑內心的吶喊But you saw me 保濕面膜through 但你帶領我熬過這一切Walking on a path of air 在空中悠悠盪盪 See your faces everywhere 盡見是你的容顏As you melt this 永慶房屋heart of stone 你熔化石頭般的心You take my hand to guide me home 抓住我的手,引領我回家And now I'm in love 如今我陷入愛的漩渦591*You took my heart away 你帶走了我整顆心 When my whole world was gray 我整個世界成了一片灰暗You gave me everything 你給了我一切裝潢And a little bit more 甚至更多And when it's cold at night 寒夜中And you sleep by my side 你睡在我身旁You become the meaning 西裝of my life 因你,我的生命才有意義Living in a world so cold 處在這冷酷無情的世界 (Living in a world so cold) (處在這冷酷無情的世網路行銷界)You are there to warm my soul 你溫暖我的靈魂 (You are there to warm my soul) (你溫暖我的靈魂)You came to mend a broken 帛琉heart 你的出現修補了破碎的心You gave my life a brand-new start 你賜給我全新的生命And now I'm in love 如今我陷入愛的漩渦中賣屋Holding your hand 握著你的手 I won't fear tomorrow 明天我不害怕Here where we stand 我們倆人佇立在此We'll never be alone 吳哥窟永遠不再形單影隻  
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